Add Keyboard Shortcut R's Pipe Operator (%>%) to Jupyter Lab

Recently, I have started using JupyterLab to write data science blog posts in both R & Python languages. I have found out that the keyboard shortcut in R Studio for pipe operator (%>%) Ctrl + Shift + M is not working in JupyterLab. Since I am used to %>% shortcut in RStudio, why not I add that into Jupyter Lab?

To do this, we would need to edit the settings for JupyterLab’s keyboard shortcut plugin.

How can we do that?

First Step: Go to the Setting > Advanced Settings Editor.


Next, click on Keyboard Shortcuts. You will see two pane side by side: System Default and User Preference.


Last step: Paste the following code into the User Preference Pane.

    "shortcuts": [
            "command": "notebook:replace-selection",
            "selector": ".jp-Notebook",
            "keys": ["Ctrl Shift M"],
            "args": {"text": '%>% '}

Now you are able to use the keyboard shortcut!


  1. JupyterLab Github Issues
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